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Prayer Requests from Rena Moses

Hi Claudette

Thank you for keeping in contact with me.

Here are the latest pics of Mila

Some news from me here in South Africa.
We celebrated 120 years of ministry in our Association.  That is from the time the indentured laborers from India came to SA

Jermaine relapsed again in January/February and is currently being prepped for a 5th Bone Marrow Transplant. It is once again an overwhelming situation for our family. We are trusting God for a miracle. 

My elder daughter Jarene and her family are in the process of applying for residency in New Zealand.  It’s bittersweet for me as I will miss them dearly.  However, there are no opportunities here in SA for them and the Education System is failing us
badly.  Pray for grace and peace for me as I am really struggling with having them so far away from me.  But i’m sending them with my blessings.

Deanka has been unwell recently, but is trying to look and feel better.   She is also preparing for her wedding in July.  Pray that all goes well with her.

I am still waiting for my Home issues to be sorted.   There seems to be a major backlog at the Home Affairs.  It should have been sorted out under normal conditions, however there’s no way I can expedite this situation. 
I can only decide to sell once this is sorted. I’m praying that it will be soon. 

A new Mission School started on Monday in Stanger. We are going back
to Swaziland in May, there seems to be some problems at the church, so we are trying to help them. 

Please pray for the leaders and our country as a whole.   The crime rate and violence and protest actions have moved to another level. 

We feel very unsafe even driving out to church services in the evening.  It’s like lock up once you inside.   

Thank you for listening and reading my
long list of requests.

Please share your prayer requests with me as well so that i can pray for you all. 

May God bless you my dear sister and pray that we can  maintain this partnership we have had since 2006/2007.

May God bless

Rena Moses

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